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Our Standards are high!

An important choice to make when purchasing your doors or windows is what type fo glass to put in them.


All glass models come from Cardinal Glass Industries, which is a cutting edge supplier of high performance isolated L0E glass in North America with an industry leading 20 year limited manufacture seal failure warranty.

Glass has a  significant effect  on the heat your house loses at night,  the heat it gains  during the day and  noise levels  from outside. Glass helps to determine the level of  comfort, security  and  privacy in your home.

  • No matter where your site is located or the positioning of the windows within a project, The Folding Sliding Door Company provides you with many glass solutions all using Cardinal Glass. Double- glazed, argon filled, L0E coated glass, 28mm constructed units fitted with Endur XL Edge® from Cardinal Glass (Click here).

  • All models can accommodate triple-paned glass for additional thermal performance in more extreme conditions

  • L0E coating on the inside gives the glass better thermal properties and allows the most natural light to enter freely but reflects a significant portion of short-wave heat energy. In summer, long-wave heat energy radiating from objects is reflected back outside, lowering cooling cost. In winter, internal long wave heat energy is reflected back inside, lowering the heat cost.

  • U-Values:  Cardinal IG Thermal Charts

With Preserve™ – Protective Film, Cleanup is a Snap

  • Preserve™ – Protective Film is a clear Protective Film that is factory applied in overlapping layers to both the interior and exterior surfaces of the glass. After your project is completed, Preserve film is easily peeled off, taking all the accumulated dirt and labels with it.

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