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FD 27

Ultraviolet (UV) protect PVC: uPVC.



The FD27 uPVC bi-folding model offers a contemporary appearance with narrow stiles and rails of the same width, giving an elegant modern look and offered with the following.

  • Exclusive FSD handle hardware in black, stainless, bronze and white.

  • Concealed multipoint locking system for ease of operation.

  • Up to 6 panels (Max RO Width 180")

  • Dual and triple pane glazing options available to meet all thermal performances.

  • Sill option that suits weather and flush floor transitions.

  • Standard finish is White, Black Ext/White Int, and Black Ext/Black Int. (Black is a Skai thermal wrap)

  • Meets Canadian Building code in all areas with appropriate make-up of insulated glass units.

uPVC Bi-Folding Door Profile



  • Profile Width: 2 ⅜” (60mm)

  • Profile Thickness: 2 ¾” (70mm)

  • Panel Height Range: 30″(762mm) – 108 ¼”(2750mm) (Taller heights available with engineer’s approval).

  • Panel Width Range:20″(500mm) – 37 ½”(953mm) (Wider panels available with engineer’s approval).

  • Glass Units: Cardinal IG double glazed or triple glazed with argon fill

  • Aluminum Thickness: 1.75mm

  • General Specification DWG  (Click for PDF)


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